E-catalog for B2B business

January 27, 2022

Developing a capacious e-catalog of construction equipment

Challenge and Solution: Our client had a mere project prototype made with Vue CLI. The company wanted to create a thoroughly detailed e-catalog that would contain numerous construction equipment, including machinery, spare parts, and related services.

For the successful development of frontend and backend constituents, our client opted for Vue.js and SAP Hybris Commerce platform 5.7 accordingly.

Our SAP Hybris specialists made a centralized data architecture that perfectly met the data-driven business demands of the client. Our dedicated team’s optimal choice of the technology stack and productive work brought a beneficial B2B online service.

Industry: e-Commerce & Retail 

Technologies: SAP Hybris Commerce 5.7, Web Services, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Apache Solr, MySQL, Vue.js, Webpack, Babel, CSS, Vue-i18n, Bootstrap, Vue Router, Karma, Mocha, Nightwatch.js